Record of the seminar "Project Management of the implementation of the Russian Track&Trace System (MDLP)" in English
Russian Track&Trace system MDLP is starting from Jan 01, 2020 for all medicines while so-called "High-cost nozologies" had already implemented and serialization starts form Oct 01, 2019.
Manufacturers and importers have 3,5 months to fulfill the compliance with an implemented system.
Any talks about changes in deadlines still remain just talks while industry and Operator CRPT finalizes the preparation period.
After Aug. 30, when the changes to Governmental decrees were published, there is no more inconvenience and misunderstanding in code length and other critical points. All the terms seem to be in place.
Taking this, Anton Kharitonov, the leading expert in MDLP implementation (ex. Pharma group lead and project director @CRPT) gives deep overview of legal frame and system requirements for the international manufacturers, MAH, logistic companies.

The first seminar
Describes the legal field of Russian serialization project Applicable laws, Govt decrees and orders, other legal issues are precisely listed, described and analyzed by the expert System operation rules and logic Expert gives a deep dive into the logic and basic rules of MDLP operation as well as crypto and billing subsystems overview and analysis

The second seminar
Gives an exclusive deep dive into system business processes description and application. The expert gives a precise analysis of system logic, reports overview and application practice in basic manufacturing and shipment cases that touch international manufacturer, logistic company or MAH.
At the same time the seminar describes the difference and gives a differentiation between the "experiment" mode that lasts Dec 31, 2019 which operates under the rules given by Methodical Recommendations (Guidelines), given by Roszdravnadzor and "Productive mode" that is driven with Government decrees ## 1556, 1557, 1027, 1118 and 577.